Swift and Scalable Global Patient Delivery

Patients are Pre-screened by Qualified Doctors and Nurses 

Panacea’s services are delivered by qualified doctors and nurses and are easily scalable to help you achieve your objectives in your home country and overseas. Our team currently work for the NHS and are engaged with Panacea on a second career basis. They all work remotely and are supplied with our technology platform via the cloud. The hardware and software we provide are configured to allow us to comply with the highest level of GDPR standards.

Panacea can recruit patients within the USA and be operational within 48 hours. We can also provide the service within 24 hours in the UK and seven days into France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

We are currently including the Polish community within the UK into our supply programs. Please contact us if this is of interest.

Quick and Cost-Effective Patient Recruitment for Your Trials

  • 100% Digital (Cloud, VoIP, and Advertising)
  • 100% GDPR Compliant
  • Online pre-screen completed by volunteer (< 5 mins)
  • Volunteer data is imported in real-time
  • 3 Minute nurse call back time (90% contact rate)
  • 100% Pre-Screening done by nurses and doctors
  • Screens booked within 12 minutes of first note of interest
  • Fixed Cost Model

The process makes for a great patient journey and timely conversion into clinic attendance.

If you have existing studies that need help or new studies due to start, we can provide you with a live recruitment service within 24 hours. Please contact us to find out more.