How Our Service Takes Away the Uncertainty of Patient Recruitment

Free Pre-Trial Evaluation

We offer a free pre-trial evaluation of the patient recruitment opportunity and a written report. This evaluation will help you make informed decisions about your trial protocols. We can set up the entire process to determine the feasibility of your study from a recruitment perspective and provide you with the results. The initial feasibility study is a no-charge feature that helps you and us understand the likelihood of running a successful recruitment campaign for your trial.

Digital Advertising

Social media advertising can be compared to turning a light bulb on or off, as patient responses to such campaigns are immediate. We specialize in creating highly targeted advertising campaigns displayed to individuals relevant to your trial.

The Medical Team

Qualified Doctors conduct our Pre-Screen process to ensure suitable patients are referred to the investigating clinics, which review and assess patients’ medical history, symptoms, and other relevant information. This rigorous process guarantees that only eligible patients are referred to investigating clinics in strict compliance with the trial’s inclusion and exclusion standards. 

Moreover, clinics can access a comprehensive report that includes patients’ online questionnaires and our doctors’ triage notes. This report enables clinics to make informed decisions about the patients they accept into their trials. 

Our Pre-Screen process ensures that the investigation clinics receive only relevant patients, reducing the likelihood of trial failure and ensuring quality data collection.

Benefit to your study
Pre-trial online advertising evaluation of patient recruitment viability
Benefit to your study
Provides conversions, timelines and costs to achieve protocol objectives. Gives you the thumbs up!
Medically trained staff
Benefit to your study
30% of patient recruitment opportunities are missed because the team aren’t medically qualified
Social media advertising campaigns
Benefit to your study
Cost effective, highly specific targeting, fast turn around
Online pre-screen application (takes less than 5 mins to complete)
Benefit to your study
Saves an average hour-long telephone call and accompanying paperwork
Real time import of the pre-screen data into the Panacea patient database (CRM)
Benefit to your study
Increases the patient contact rates from 30% to 80% - 90%
Patients are called by a nurse within 3 minutes
Benefit to your study
Increases the patient contact rates from 30% to 80% - 90%
HOT line patient transfer
Benefit to your study
Panacea will transfer within 12 minutes doctor approved patients via a VoIP extension directly into your clinics. We provide you with a license for this service
Use of the Panacea CRM
Benefit to your study
You will be given a license to see all the patient medical notes. You can write your own notes, schedule calls and to-do’s
Customisable dashboard
Benefit to your study
Provides real time reporting and metrics on the progress of the recruitment project. Great for report writing
App (tablet or smart phone)
Benefit to your study
Give your team a single integrated platform. No more having to wait for data sync, logging in, integration issues or training on multiple systems
Fixed costs
Benefit to your study
No unpleasant surprises

Quick and Cost-Effective Patient Recruitment for Your Trials

  • 100% Digital (Cloud, VoIP, and Advertising)
  • 100% GDPR Compliant
  • Online pre-screen completed by volunteer (< 5 mins)
  • Volunteer data is imported in real-time
  • 3 Minute nurse call back time (90% contact rate)
  • 100% Pre-Screening done by nurses and doctors
  • Screens booked within 12 minutes of first note of interest
  • Fixed Cost Model

The process makes for a great patient journey and timely conversion into clinic attendance.

If you have existing studies that need help or new studies due to start, we can provide you with a live recruitment service within 24 hours. Please contact us to find out more.