Data Protection

Our technology is hosted on dedicated cloud servers at the Equinix Centre in London. This enables Panacea to deliver high-quality patient recruitment results for your project managers. When our medical team creates doctor-approved and pre-screened volunteers, we pass them directly to your clinic through two methods.

Step 1: We set up a direct three-way VoIP conference call between you, us, and the volunteer. We introduce you to the volunteer during this call and go through a handover process.

Step 2: While introducing the patient, you can access their notes and pre-screening data through our database. Once you log in, you can also add notes create to-do lists, and tasks from your office as needed.

“Our customized dashboards provide a real-time summary of all our activities. You no longer have to wait for data synchronization, log in to multiple systems, face integration issues, or receive training on different platforms. This process ensures an excellent patient journey and timely conversion into clinic attendance.”

Quick and Cost-Effective Patient Recruitment for Your Trials

  • 100% Digital (Cloud, VoIP, and Advertising)
  • 100% GDPR Compliant
  • Online pre-screen completed by volunteer (< 5 mins)
  • Volunteer data is imported in real-time
  • 3 Minute nurse call back time (90% contact rate)
  • 100% Pre-Screening done by nurses and doctors
  • Screens booked within 12 minutes of first note of interest
  • Fixed Cost Model

The process makes for a great patient journey and timely conversion into clinic attendance.

If you have existing studies that need help or new studies due to start, we can provide you with a live recruitment service within 24 hours. Please contact us to find out more.