The Missing Factors in Patient Recruitment.

"We've been extremely impressed by Panacea's speed and competence and how subjects are processed and then allocated to us via a secure and very user-friendly web portal."
Dr. Stuart Ratcliffe - Chief Scientific Officer, St Pancras Clinical Research, London.

What We Do

We specialise in providing digital recruitment that costs many times less than traditional recruitment methods.

Data security is essential to us.

Our CRM resides on dedicated cloud-based servers provided by Digital Ocean in the Equinix data centre in London. The servers are backed-up twice daily to a remote facility.

We also operate an automated switch to a secondary server in the event of service suspension.

We transfer patient referral data via an AES 256-bit encryption across our API.

You can verify the validity of our ISO certificate by entering our certificate number 235319 via this link:

A well-funded and established industry has a problem that it has struggled to solve.

Existing, inefficient patient recruitment processes are a barrier to pharmaceutical companies’ success in registering new therapies.

We are living in the digital era, where 80% of global web users seek health care information online.

Currently, the impact of digital and social media advertising on clinical trials is small compared to many different industries. Only 11% of clinical trials involve some social media advertising.

There is a place in the UK’s patient recruitment market for a specialist service provider. To find out more download our Company Profile.

The digital age is here to stay and the future of effective patient recruitment is online.

Our Services

Seeing is believing. We can provide you with a FREE real-time pre-trial launch evaluation of how feasible your recruitment objectives and timescales are. This intelligence will save your organisation a lot of money in trial design and enable you to plan it with confidence. Here’s a list of services we provide…

  • FREE Pre-trial digital advertising campaign and reporting to evaluate how feasible your recruitment objectives and timescales are within your trial protocols.
  • All patient interaction from inception to the first in-clinic appointments are carried out by qualified nurses and doctors.
  • Online pre-screening.
  • Real-time data collection.
  • We contact all patient enquiries within 3 minutes.
  • We book 90% of in-clinic meetings within three days of the initial contact
  • We optimise social media advertising.
  • We provide detailed monthly reporting.
  • Our service is provided throughout the UK and in native French, Italian, German, Spanish and Polish for patients in the EU.

The benefit to you is trials that finish on time and come in on budget with the correct numbers of patients enrolled.